Have you ever had a nightmare? Of course you have...Who hasn’t?  And, have you ever woken up screaming in the middle of the night?  I have.

Now, imagine this: you are having one of those dark and obscure dreams, the ones that chill the bone and stand up the hairs of the back of your neck, but you can’t even scream to call for help...Not even wake up from it.  And what if the big drug companies were in on it...On the problem. 

If they were, now that IS a BIG PROBLEM for everybody, not just for you.  The drug enters your blood-stream, takes hold of your muscles and responses to it, affecting nerves, and all the way up to your now fried brain.  You can’t do anything about it...not even pray.  Horror and REAL DANGER invades your sub-conscious, now...

So, one night, routinely like always, you brush your teeth and prepare for bed...You doze off into a deep sleep and start the insanity.  You cannot tell if it is real or not. 

Somehow, it seems normal to you...


welcome to the world as seen through my nightmares

“Everybody is suffering the side effects of the new cancer drug.  There’s an irresistible attraction to it, and Emily finds out the hard way. Finding herself almost getting killed in her sleep...”

Have you ever woken up  screaming in the middle of the night?

What if you couldn’t wake up?